The Adequate Kyle Bronsdon in Electrifying 3-D!

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The Adequate Kyle Bronsdon in Electrifying 3-D! 2012

Recorded March 2-3, 2012 at Jim Brady Recording.

Mixed by Mitzi Cowell and Kyle Bronsdon in a 5th wheel RV.

Mastered by Jim Blackwood at AZPM Mastering.

Kyle Bronsdon, Piano
Steve Grams, Bass
Ralph Gilmore, Drums
Danny Krieger, Guitar
Mitzi Cowell, Guitar
Heather Hardy, Violin
Gary Mackender, Accordian
John Strasser, Harmonica

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  1. Pharaoh’s Horses
  2. The Hammer
  3. This Broken World
  4. My Good For Nothing Wife
  5. I Didn’t Get You Anything
  6. Barking At The Hole
  7. You’re In Love
  8. Bygone Blues For Bear