Kyle Bronsdon is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, IL with a small cult following. He is known for his poetic songwriting style and quirky dialog during live performances.

Kyle and Corky Bronsdon

Trained as a drummer, Bronsdon studied composition with Stan Kenton trombonist/arranger Bill Russo and Moog pioneer Hans Wurman, and sound engineering with Chess Records legend Malcolm Chisholm at Columbia College Chicago. Between his studies, he cut his teeth in the Chicago blues scene by sitting in at the legendary Checkerboard Lounge with James Cotton and other greats of his hometown. Bronsdon was determined to make a living at music from the age of 13, inspired by his drum teacher Tom Tedrahn, yet terminated a position with a cruise ship show band at the peak of the swing renaissance in 1998 to join Tucson, Arizona’s Kings of Pleasure from which he formed Kearney, Grams, and Bronsdon. The trio enjoyed regional popularity and released two albums, Nine Waters, No Tip (1999) and To Go (2002). Bronsdon continued to work as a sideman with several Tucson artists including late blues legend Sam Taylor.

Sorry Gulch bathroom, Sierra Vista, AZ

The drummer relocated to Los Angeles in 2003 to complete his solo debut Kitchen Swing and dabble in orchestral scoring with director Randall Kleiser and a handful of industrial clients, adding cues to the documentary Horses of Gettysburg. Bronsdon released two additional self-produced titles, All About The Burn (2004) and A Model Psychosis (2006), before retraining himself at the piano for the 2008 release, Shed. In an effort to accelerate his experience accompanying himself at the piano, he accepted a five-month piano bar contract with Carnival Cruise Lines in 2010, during which time he performed four-hour sets six nights a week. Bronsdon purchased a home on four cactus-studded acres in Tucson, Arizona in 2011 where he completed his 2012 release The Adequate Kyle Bronsdon in Electrifying 3-D! and rebuilt a 1946 Spartan Manor travelcoach into a mobile studio where, back in Los Angeles, he performs the live webcast he’s been streaming since 2007.

The gapless concept album Separation Calls was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by the songwriter over the course of nearly three years, released on November 5th, 2019 (a date chosen for the significance to the free culture movement), and licensed to the public, along with the artist’s entire back catalog, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.