This Broken World

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If I could put a picture of your face on a flag
Take it up to Mt Fuji on a mast to wave
I could make this broken world a country
But it would have to be a really big flag

If I could get the music of your laugh on the air
In heavy rotation into every car
I could make some ears to hear their heads on straight
But it would have to be a really broad band

This broken world will break you in a minute
If this broken world’s a cat you gotta skin it
Once you’re in, you know you’re in to win it
I like this broken world broken, with you in it

Let’s saddle up the posse, spike the coffee
Chicory with cashew wine
Lassoo the yearling calves from the chuckwagon jack
And lash the cattle within an inch of their lives

If I could float your name upon the silent sea
In letters as big as any country
We’d all look to the moon and get the picture
The geek shall inherit the earth