Pharaoh’s Horses

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Listen to the single needle buzzing in your arm
Look out the window through the neon
There’s a sailor in the street, you can tell he’s smoking menthol
Floating through this foggy port of call

Lifting up his sweaty visor as he wipes away the ink
The artist rinses off your blood into the sink
And the horses on your shoulder blades are burning hot and free
As you take the reins and charge them to the sea

“Give me Pharaoh’s horses”, they cry to Mr. Grimm
He tortures them for hours and they give half their pay to him
You sailors at the circus, you devils of The Pike
Let’s all take The Walk of a Thousand Lights

The circus is in town here every evening
They pull the tent stakes from the ground when we leave
And the horses at the wagons must be lighter than the breeze
Big top’s rising when we anchor in Belize

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the pier
Pour me out the finest vintage we have here
Boatswain take the mooring lines so we have time for sin
The truth is we’ll be back aboard again