House Party

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Here’s the outside
Here’s the scene, it’s a
block party full of Greeks in the
front yards and they
weren’t drinking chianti in the
catacombs and kitchens, in their
living rooms and dead beds or
Beer in the break room

Beer in the break room!

Long ass lean loud talker had to
follow me all over and to
tell me all the fighting and then there’s
Jeff doing the wing man thing

Do the wing man thing, man!

Well, he was kind of a bent wing when he didn’t try

Well, first they had the sound, then they
Rolled me on over to the
next room or the next house where
Walls were amazing and the
noise was a gonna be a Full house when the sun went down

Full house and the Sun’s going down!

There were bubble glass walls and a
porcelain pink box piano and
now there’s shadow children in the Hall
electric roadrunner on fire in the driveway
Look at this night, Jack
It’s more alive than Alice, lost in a
dark shady tree like underwater willows

and I never cared for Frank Mantooth’s approach