The ‘Possom

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There’s a dance they used to do in LA
You don’t see it much anymore nowadays
But there was a time when amidst all the jass
They’d cut out the swing and put on the bluegrass
Then the cats would come outta their cage
And start dancin bout half their age

They bent over backwards ’til their hands hit the floor
Then they hopped up and down on all fours
They smacked their bottoms ’til they were pink as cherry blossoms
They were doin the possum

Now imagine your from, let’s say, DeMoines,
Love the Hollywood scene and you wanna join
You take the first flight to the zoo, LAX
Then off to the club and boy, what comes next
You see a dance that threatens your cool
Whatchya think you’re gonna do

You better bend over backwards ’til your hands hit the floor
Then hop up and down on all fours
Smack yer bottom ’til it’s pink as a cherry blossom
You’d be doing the ‘possom

You feel it in your feet
Up to your corpus collossum
But mostly in your seat
You’ll feel it later — when you’ve been doing the ‘possom

Now the possom is a very strange beast
Down south they say it makes a very fine feast
They live in the trees and they hang by their tails
One trick they pull, and it seldom fails
They play dead, which we call “playing ‘possom”
Don’t you wish some people would do that more often?