I’m A Player (But I Ain’t Playin’ You)

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she’s in her stocking feet
he’s in a suit and tie and they cuddle in the love seat
watching their favorite tv show
comes a commercial, he says “ok, I gotta go”
and he takes the old van
half an hour ahead of the rest of the band
sets up the kit
gets himself a belt before the hit
and he holds the time steady
and he misses her already
thinks, “I’m a player, but i ain’t playin you”

There’s a little applause
And the band steps down to take a pause
Now that bar will move some booze
a hand on his shoulder says “you’re one cat we hate to lose,
that fine girl must be blue
how come she ain’t goin with you”
but they know how it is
those old guys been a while in the biz
and as the day gets nearer
he looks in the men’s room mirror
says “I’m a player, but I ain’t playin you”

packs up the contraption
bids fairwell to the faction
and of all these worthy constituents, he’s the last to go
then he slowly rolls home
creeps in the door
kicks off his socks and shoes on the floor
slides under the sheet
how his eyes well up when their bodies meet
he holds her near
and whispers in her sleeping ear
“I’m a player, but I ain’t playin you”