Baby, You’re Swingin’ Now

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She used to be a flower that grew on the wall
bringin all the fellas down
cause back in school it wasn’t too cool
to pick up a chick who never goes to town
she got so hot OH she burned bright
she learned all that college could allow
and between all the books that lindy hop got her hooked
baby, you’re swingin now

she went to San Francisco to have a little fun
she went with her cousin Lil
crazy Lilly was wild and silly
she took our girl away from the Windy City chill
they went to the Highball Lounge, looked around
right then our little lady took a vow
when she saw the people shag she swore she’d pick up that bag
baby, you’re swingin now

Now she’s a first-class dancer, though she’d never say it’s so
But I tell you that it’s true
I’d put my arm ’round her shoulder
So tightly I would hold her
And this is what I’d say to her if she was feelin blue
when you walk through the door
they’ll pick their jaws up off the floor
And give you that Frankie Manning bow
and like that trend-setter, they’ll try and make you look even better
baby, you’re swingin now