Kitchen Swing (2003) now licensed under Creative Commons

4:35pm Fri Oct 11, 2019

New hashtag: #FreeMusicFriday

Guess what? No, seriously, guess. Give up? Okay, I’ll tell you!

I’m releasing 15 years of my work with a Creative Commons license, starting with my solo debut from 2003, “Kitchen Swing”. Do you know what that means? Do you? Not really? I’ll tell you what it means:

It means you can stream it anywhere you want anytime you want. You can download any of the tracks. You can upload the tracks to a one-off vinyl-pressing service, which is totally a thing. You could rip all the album artwork from a track (which I’ll admit I’m not sure how to do but I did get it all embedded in the files) and upload those along with the tracks for the vinyl guys to put on the sleeve. And then you could send me a copy because I bet this album would sound kickass on vinyl!

Above all, I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll share it if you do. 🤩❤️ Because that’s the whole point.