Man’s got to know his limitations

2:09pm Fri Aug 17, 2018

…as determined as I am to do this entire album from song inception to performing every part to mixing and mastering, I’m having 2nd thoughts on the mastering. Because I really don’t like what Tom and Kathleen apparently did with Heartattack and Vine and if they can fuck it up, then…yeesh. I realized after I made this video that I had the recordings going through the same channel as my mic, with *DUH* a compressor on it. A really nice compressor, but still a rookie mistake. And I’m going to try mastering my own stuff? Nonetheless, you can still clearly hear the difference in the track I was using as reference for mine and the one I just bought and hate. Maybe I’m just mad because it’s different. But tell me you can’t hear the harshness of the remaster in comparison. The original sounds more open and airy as well as warmer. These are the hallmarks of mastering, warmth and air.

Dammit. I wasn’t crazy about his last two titles for similar production choices.