Traveling Light

11:12am Fri Mar 28, 2014
[TRS-80 Model III][1]
My First Computer

I conducted a few personal experiments during my last short fill-in contract. Conclusions:

  1. I do laundry less often with three weeks of clothes than I do with four months of clothes
  2. Internet porn has diminished my imagination
  3. Flying still sucks, but is light years better without bringing my digital piano, audio interface, and laptop
  4. I need my digital piano
  5. I don’t need my audio interface
  6. almost don’t need my laptop

My laptop is the type they used to call a “desktop replacement” not that many years ago. Now it's just a laptop. I doubt I'll ever buy another desktop. I actually got by just fine with my Android tablet and phone for three weeks. I find this amazing.

Browsing is still superior on my laptop, but otherwise it's only a handful of software above my tablet. Only my recording software and Photoshop, really. Last year I discovered TouchDAW, and it blew my mind. This app can control recording software on a PC wirelessly through your network for five dollars and fourty-nine cents in very much the same way that hardware costing a hundred times as much does with more damn wires.

It really wasn't very long ago at all that running pro audio software on a laptop was impossible. Virtually the day before that, a struggling recording artist could never afford a desktop recording rig. I had to learn to program BASIC to do anything with my first PC! Oh, and how I sneered when my mother suggested I could do music with computers then. Impossible.

How much longer before my laptop joins the Windows XP desktop in the closet and I start using my “laptop replacement” tablet for everything? I imagine head-mounted displays will eliminate the need for my dual monitor system very soon.

Now if everybody could just finally get over CDs.