Legend Month One Overview

11:40am Tue Nov 5, 2013

My Cabin, exterior

You can imagine the ambient noise and motion sleeping with my head practically on the bulkhead that far forward


My Cabin, interior

That's a top bunk folded up on the left.



First cruise: Awesome. Made some great friends/fans who started me off in a fine mood. Luxurious day off in Cozumel where I swear I drank as much as the 19 year old showband guitar player, who was nonetheless claimed by Hornitos and subsequently removed from the ship. Last week was awful, piano bar was almost totally empty for ten days, during which I’d lost my tablet for half the cruise and had to use my monster laptop with horribly formatted lead sheets (note to self: The Carnival Cosmo, while delicious, should be consumed slowly and in limited quanitites). Also tore out the ass of my black suit pants crossing my legs as I lit a smoke.

Back on track this week with the “Muster Cluster” of Serena, Bridget, Michele, et al and looking forward to the results of the written exam of the Survival Craft Course that occupied my mornings the last week. If passed, on to the practical second half where we jump in the pool with a liferaft and I become a International Maritime Organization certified seaman.


A brief pictorial history of my work with Carnival as a piano bar entertainer (Today in Cozumel. Also in port but out of the frame, the Elation)

Retiring the Holiday was already overdue when I was in the showband ca. late 90s