Musician’s look at affordable care

4:49pm Fri Oct 4, 2013

Either Carnival needs to redesign their pre-employment medical forms, or I’m in BIG trouble:

I'm telling you, I do NOT have AIDS[Spoiler: I do NOT have AIDS]

That said, I’m sure the following isn’t a totally unique take on the issue of affordable care. In order get this gig and be a contributing member of society like the GOP wants me to be, I have to get a complete medical exam FIRST. The actual people in the office were awesome. They managed to get the bill down to $255. That’s for the exam. No extra charge to fix the part of the form that said I had hepatitis, HIV, and a drug problem. The battery of tests required by my employer cost over SIX HUNDRED. So there’s my first week of pay. What about somebody who didn’t HAVE $900? I’ll tell you what would happen to them, they’d stay unemployed.

I’m trying to be a contributing member of society and not just another hippie liberal with multiple identifying body marks.

I prefer to think of them as "distinguishing" marks

Yeah, that’s it. I could go on and on but I’m kinda wiped out after the half dozen vials of blood and a woman’s finger up my ass.

And from the exam. HEY-O!