Live at the Tucson Folk Festival

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In the grand tradition of Frank Zappa's releases on the Rhino subsidiary FOO-EEE label (as well as inspiration from Mad Magazine), Silk Sow records presents the YECCH! imprint to designate certain recordings as perhaps "lackluster".

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Recorded May 3, 2014.

Including two previously unreleased songs and plenty of the rambling non sequiturs you love!

e-book included:
One Bar at a Time book cover

ONE BAR AT A TIME Thoughts on music, recollections of childhood, and the day-to-day drama of the piano bar. A perfect companion to the non sequiturs.

Kyle Bronsdon – piano

  1. Intro/Bad Luck Fallin'

  2. Pharoah's Horses

  3. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

  4. Time

  5. Why Would You Do That

  6. House Party