Live at the Tucson Folk Festival

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In the grand tradition of Frank Zappa's releases on the Rhino subsidiary FOO-EEE label (as well as inspiration from Mad Magazine), Silk Sow records presents the YECCH! imprint to designate certain recordings as perhaps "lackluster".

Recorded May 3, 2014.

Including two previously unreleased songs and plenty of the rambling non sequiturs you love!

e-book included:
One Bar at a Time book cover

ONE BAR AT A TIME Thoughts on music, recollections of childhood, and the day-to-day drama of the piano bar. A perfect companion to the non sequiturs.

Kyle Bronsdon – piano

  1. Intro/Bad Luck Fallin'

  2. Pharoah's Horses

  3. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

  4. Time

  5. Why Would You Do That

  6. House Party