Shed (2008)


2008. Solo piano debut album.

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Recorded May 31st, 2008 in The Shed, Van Nuys, CA.

Photography by Susie Lee.

Kyle Bronsdon – piano



By respecting that artists are not obligated to price their work according to what Steve Jobs and the Big Five (now Big Three) major labels thought could “compete with free” in 2003, you are helping to change the politics of profit over people. ✊🇺🇸❤️️ Every direct purchase from an independent artist is a vote to restore the dignity of American culture.

1. Pickin’ Fruit
I was commissioned to write this short piece for Sternberg, a virtual community in the virtual world of Second Life. Keep your publishing, musicians!
2. Yummy Scrummy
Allison gave me the title for this one. She’s British.
3. Soul Food
You are what you eat, my friend. For another weird blues turnaround, check out “I’m A Player (But I Ain’t Playin’ You)” on my album, “Kitchen Swing”.
4. Crazyface Jones
Our dogs have several nicknames. Ben (AKA Benner, Bennie-man, Ben-O), our black German Shepherd, he makes this crazy face sometimes. For another song about him and other dogs, listen to “Mean Old Mom” on the “All About the Burn” album.
5. Kansas City Roll
My friend Steve Grams turned me on to this phrase. It refers to a fat wad of small bills. I’ve been paid in a number of Kansas City rolls over the years.
6. Rainbow Sleeves
This is such a deep Tom Waits cut, it’s not even a cut. He never recorded it. He wrote it for Bette Midler. Rickie Lee Jones recorded it a long time ago, but that’s about it, and it’s far to excellent a song to not be performed more often. There aren’t enough tunes in the “life sucks, but I’m there for you” genre.
7. How to Hold a Lady Flamingo
This is a true story, as faithfully penned by the talented hand of Jen Finlayson. A fourteen-foot-tall Phoenicopterus could only exist in the virtual truth of Second Life, of course. It was touching, nonetheless.
8. I’m On Fire
Yeah, the Boss. To me, it not only invokes images of the garage in his video, but I also like to think of a dangerous obsession when I play this one.
9. Faust
This number and track 10 are from the greatest cult classic movie musical ever made, “Phantom of the Paradise”. Paul Williams is awesome! Incidentally, you should look into the Faustian legend, it’s quite fascinating.
10. Beauty and the Beast
AKA “Phantom’s Theme”. I just think these two tracks go together so well. But if Almo Music Corp asks, it’s NOT a medley.
11. Thank You, Pornstars
Someone had to write it. That’s not an easy job. Come on, hug a pornstar today!


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