The Language of the Unheard

MLK Day at the Laconian. Humming interludes. A particularly decent version of Lush (“Don’t Call Me Drunk/When I’m Lunch” LOL). Remembering Mark “The Torch” Tortorici. Kyle’s obsession with Dark Side of the Moon and flying his flag of influences.

An Eternal Progression of Moments

In which we enjoy several minutes of Kyle’s virile, luxurious hair and observe the moirĂ© interference of thermal fabric. Facebook and YouTube APIs featured in “What’s Pissing Me Off Now?” OCD vs perfectionism. Songwriter peers tune in and support the show. Fallout 4 theme compared to Circle of Life.

Mmm, Bourbon

“If I wanna do A, I have to do B and C. But C is hard. So I should do C first, ’cause if I can do C then I can definitely do B and A. So let’s do C first. And then sometimes I never get around to A.” Kyle personally identifies the guy who shared some of Willie Nelson’s personal stash with him.