Stupid is as Stupid Does

9:59pm Fri Oct 23, 2020

California’s secretary of state, an establishment Dem water-carrier, was so excited on Twitter today about the 6 million mail-in votes they’ve received that his approved list of write-in candidates for POTUS must have slipped his mind after silently slipping it onto his website.

He also forgot to mention the policy, apparently adopted since 2016, that a candidate who drops out is no longer qualified to write in.

It’s not enough that they rigged their own primary and boondoggled the public into believing that the 1st candidate in history, of either face of the duopoly, to win every one of those first states just wasn’t popular. That Shadow Inc and millions of students and minorities looking at 5-hour lines at the polls before millions more were disenfranchised by a global pandemic, these were unfortunate and acceptable snafus.

That the discepancies between exit polls and recorded votes were exponentially farther beyond the margin of error than 2016, not even newsworthy.

It’s no coincidence that the POTUS who signed the bill that sold off a hundred years of the public trust to a handful of media giants was a Dem.

How we howled when the SCOTUS appointed his successor until he made us forget our oil war and torture by painting portraits and sharing candy with his own successor’s wife. Her husband dropped even more bombs, prosecuted more whistleblowers than all his predecessors combined, and charmed us all the while literally singing us to sleep.

If we didn’t deserve the living face of corporate totalitarianism we got in 2016, we’ve earned every one of another four years.