Down, Down, Down

In which Kyle is winded by performing “Loving Cup”, speculating that he might have a “herniated coccyx” (also in part due to mowing the lawn earlier in the day). Corona is the Heineken of Mexico. Audio issues are dealt with, which turn out to be a temporary hijack of the stream by Anonymous. Origin of the name “The Laconian”. John Wayne vs John Cash.

I Love You All

Camera One temporarily sucks. Underdog and the girl next door. Kyle’s first concert with John and their encounter with Sting bassist Darryl Jones. Gina’s birthday; she conceives of the title for Kyle’s autobiography, “Butchering Rush”, following his butchering of Rush.

The Language of the Unheard

MLK Day at the Laconian. Humming interludes. A particularly decent version of Lush (“Don’t Call Me Drunk/When I’m Lunch” LOL). Remembering Mark “The Torch” Tortorici. Kyle’s obsession with Dark Side of the Moon and flying his flag of influences.

An Eternal Progression of Moments

In which we enjoy several minutes of Kyle’s virile, luxurious hair and observe the moirĂ© interference of thermal fabric. Facebook and YouTube APIs featured in “What’s Pissing Me Off Now?” OCD vs perfectionism. Songwriter peers tune in and support the show. Fallout 4 theme compared to Circle of Life.