Spring can really…

12:36pm Mon May 14, 2018

hang you up the most. Ha! GET it? It’s one of those Topsy Turvy planters. See, ‘cause you HANG it! Hoo boy. Diane and I have killed several rosemary plants over the years. They’re notoriously easy to grow, as are tomatoes. So this year we got one of each, well-established by the beautiful Sego nursery here in the valley. No-brainer, one or two boring varieties at your local big box or your choice of DOZENS while supporting local biz. We went with the classic Beefsteak.

Spring is my favorite. I love starting over. And I love seeing things fruit. It’s just like writing music or practicing an instrument: You put in a bunch of time and then sit there thinking nothing is happening and fretting over it, and then suddenly one day whoomp there it is. It’s so exciting you’re liable to forget all the other fruits of your labor that haven’t revealed themselves yet.