Kwanzaa Edition 2018

Kyle remembers to unmute his audio. He wears the “pill box hat” he wore to his in-laws’ for Christmas, believing his hair to be “insanely dumb” due to an action his wife considered “rash”. Discussion of bad hat decisions. [Disclaimer: Not a celebration of Kwanzaa aside from the hat]

Saturday: The New Thursday

By Congressional action, Thursday will henceforth be known as Saturday. But Saturday will still be Saturday. So, two Saturdays a week. And no Thursday. Tonight features “What’s Pissing Me Off Now?” and introduces a new segment, “Unsung Heroes”. Kyle admits to bingeing on ham sandwiches and agonizes over releasing an EP now versus further delaying the next full length album.


In which Kyle extolls the virtues of Jameson (and its superiority over Jack Daniels) and Man of Constant Sorrow. Also featuring “What’s Pissing Me Off Now”. Because it’s important that we can share, and that you know you’re not alone. [Spoiler: We did not kick their ass on that thing]

It Doesn’t Work, Frank

In which Kyle notices that Judy told him he had his audio muted until about two minutes and fifty seconds into the show, Roy Moore is mocked, Kyle goes off the rails on a crazy strain. Featuring a mini-set dedicated to serial killers. Brought to you by Kyle’s spirit animal Zoe and Scott.