You’ll understand when you’re a grownup. 

2:15pm Thu Sep 7, 2017

It’s jaw-dropping how many times she manages to personally offend me in a single page. Also surprising that I had any respect left to lose for her. 

Last night Seth Meyers did a bit on the book and, without irony, used the phrase “to bring the Democrats and liberals together.” Try saying that using “Republicans” and “conservatives”. 

Then call me a child and blame me for it because I’m out of patience waiting for the wealthiest country on earth, in the top 10 for income inequality, to provide the same magical pony universal healthcare provided by 58 countries that candidate Obama campaigned on but his party said they couldn’t do until they had the house and senate AND oval office, and when we got them there they gave us the healthcare plan their donors in the insurance industry and Big Pharm wanted. Imagine how much faster the repeal and replace circus would have been shut down if we had the plan the people wanted. 

Then tell me how the poorest of 100 million who have given up on voting should be patient and applaud the lunar out-of-touch idea that Americans can live on $12/hr and wait for a few more years for a $3 raise. Tell me how it’s the internet that keeps the middle class from going out to live music events and spending money on downloads. 

Then tell me, if liberals divided the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is conservative, what are the Democrats