Your last chance

10:38pm Sat Nov 12, 2016

I am so sick of modestly articulate people of average intelligence telling everybody what isn’t possible or practical. We can’t afford universal health care, but it’s practical to pay millions for one single tomahawk missile. It’s not practical to vote for Bernie Sanders. California can’t secede. 

What is practical, these people say, is to stay the course with interminable gridlock between so-called leaders so determined to win their little pissing contests that representing their constituents is an afterthought. That imaginary entities are legally people is an idea that deserves discussion and debate, they say. 

The handful of people I still listen to who voted for the president elect all say the same thing about the rest of us: We need to put on our “big boy pants” and “grow some balls”. I know, they’re perfect, aren’t they? But those of us who understand that empathy and compassion are weakness only for a killer, we know the organs we need now are guts and heart. 

The networks show protest after protest of thousands and then turn right around to a story about the handover. The suits in Washington are not going to change a thing. It’s not in their interest. I’m gonna just say it: We told you so. I take no joy in that. Now I’m telling you this is it. 


They’re only interested in compromise as long as it keeps you complacent. We’ve tried it their way. We tried it the DNC’s way. Well, maybe you did. We tried to tell you the time for compromise was over. Do you really still believe they’re going to put us first now? That the electoral college is going to listen to another ten million person “focus group”, as W put it? 

They can fucking have the name “The United States”, I don’t give a shit anymore. I want to join the rest of the civilized world in the 21st century. “New California”, “Cascadia”, call it New Freeland for all I care. In the end, there are only two kinds of abused spouses: Divorced or dead. The hubris in Washington, on both sides, would rather see another civil war.