Linux, music, and that cat

Remember that cat that came by and hung out  with me? Turns out she’s a total ho. Just comes around when she feels like it. It’s nice to have the company once in a while without the responsibility of caring for her, but I miss my family.

I bring this up because the way I feel about  Cleo, the cat, is how I feel about Linux after living with it for a couple weeks: It was a lovely little tryst, but I need a system I can count on. I have too much invested in the hardware to fuck around with the software. And it’s disappointing, because I really like both the cat and the OS.

Open source software is a lot like independent music in the last decade or so in that you really can’t expect regular updates if you don’t want to pay for it. The authors just move on and leave their library to collect dust in an obscure repository until it doesn’t work with the hardware anymore.

And the niche fans cash their check after work, lament their loss, and blame the hardware manufacturers.

2 thoughts on “Linux, music, and that cat

  1. I love Linux. Been running a server in my basement for longer than I can remember. One, possibly two decades. The great thing is it just keeps on running, non-stop, literally months at a time. The very occasional restarts are usually due to power outages that exceed my UPS capability. Kind of doesn’t matter if my server is down when there’s no power, and it always comes back up when power comes back on. I dread the day the hardware dies, as I’ll have to hunt down replacement hardware AND software. Given the overall reliability I frankly wouldn’t want any kind of automatic updates.

    1. I can only imagine the frustration TOTAL noobs must feel! I at least have the experience of running Ubuntu on my remote server. And yeah, trouble-free! It’s the DESKTOP experience that’s killing me. The first thing just about any intro to Linux says is “BACKUP!” I couldn’t agree more. But they NEVER SAY HOW. And just about any reference to backups consist of “Oh, that’s easy, rsync” “No, Gsync is a graphic interface, it’s easier” “NO, no, dd is the way to go” “Just use the included Deja Dup”…ARRRRRGHHHH

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