Your body is a playground

8:35pm Fri Sep 4, 2015



So I got a new keyboard, a Kawai. I think it might be love at first sight. Something I like about my Privia, the old one, is the built-in speakers. They’re useless for amplification, but you can feel the vibration when you play, so it’s a little more like playing a real piano. The physical feedback is inspiring.

This is why piano players and other instrumentalists prefer to play acoustic instruments. It’s why live music, even without acoustic instruments, is more luxurious than recorded music. It’s why people pay more for a hooker than porn. Which is of course not to deny the existence of some very fine porn, nor to underestimate its popularity over hookers. Admirable talent and major, major skank among the professionals in both art forms.

I digress.

The Kawai is a stage piano, so it doesn’t have that feature. But I was excited to get it, I wanted to play it! Not the end of the world if I can’t have the physical feedback. So I plugged it into my little portable amp-sized PA. Then I remembered I lost my gigging piano bench.

So I sat on the PA.