Why I tend to buy jeans at Old Navy

9:05am Fri Aug 28, 2015


Because I have sacrificed 3 pairs in as many years to this project.


I like their boot cut, and they’re as cheap as you can get and still look moderately well-dressed. Y’know, before you get them covered in stain and roof sealant.

I woulda swore we sealed the trolley top enough to resist rain better. This is how we learn. I have learned in the past three years that not only do you have to do something yourself if you want it done right, but you can also learn to do the vast majority of those things.

I have no idea what kind of cement was used on the existing repairs to the roof, nor how long ago it was applied, but three years with me (to the day, tomorrow) clearly pushed it to the limit. Cracks. Doom to antique trailers. Do your stuff, Henry 289 elastomeric roof sealant!

I can only be grateful that we undertook the project in Arid-zona. Damage to the inside of the paneling is probably minimal. Probably. I do have a final tool to use if I see dripping from my ceiling after today.