More luxe materials

8:24am Sat Jun 27, 2015


What do you think, columns or rows?

Thanks to Mitzi and her partner who sold me flooring light years out of my budget for a dollar a square foot on the day they won the right to be more than partners.

It didn’t come up in the transaction in their garage, but their shrewd negotiation tactics (not compromising a cent) said it all 🙂

Great day from the hour I woke up to the SCOTUS decision.

Yeah, columns 😉


One more course and we’re half done. Good thing, because I’m seeing the damaged panels now – gotta watch those edges, they’re sharp so the seams disappear when you join them, and they’re the easiest part to chip – then you have a compromised surface.

I wish I could get a real answer to why they insist on water-based polyurethane for finishing. I’m come to like good old-fashioned Minwax fast-drying gloss because it’s served me so well on the wall paneling. From what I can gather, it’s the ambering. Apparently water-based doesn’t do that. But I could actually go for ageing that cream color and adding a green tint to the blues.