Shane Wagoner: Subhuman

7:53pm Mon Apr 13, 2015


Phoenix Horse Auction LLC, JAG Horses, Shane knows doing business under your own name in Queen Creek, Apache Junction, or wherever he does business, is for suckers. Here was his first lie to us (and the first red flag to somebody who would have listened to their instincts and isn’t a sucker):

“Our grandchildren recently went thru some personal trauma and my wife wants me to to just buy the horses. So this is me saying please consider them sold and I’ll bring cash in the morning.”

He did bring cash that next morning, quickly convincing us to take $500 under (2nd red flag) our sacrifice on Craigslist, our two treasured horses, Smokey and Titan (shown above doing what they loved the most – being together), and a barely used 2008 Wrangler trailer. Today, the person who loved them the most, my wife Diane, saw Titan listed alone on Craigslist for that price.

A quick Google search uncovers a bankruptcy and a personal claim against him in a cursory glance at the first 2 pages of results. What were we supposed to do, run a criminal background and credit check on everybody who answered the ad? Yes, we priced them to sell fast, and they did. Congratulations, Shane, you subhuman fuck, should be a pretty sweet month for you. I wonder how many real children you cheated out of actually loving and enjoying the company of these majestic animals. You earned the title I’ve given you because you don’t care about people or animals. You’re lower than both.

Just business, right? Promising me they’d be together forever in your 4 acre pastures? I captured that image in a beautiful heartfelt song I wrote through my tears, and you’ve tainted that too. I don’t write songs to sell, I write them to try and express what it’s like to be human, and hope a handful of people will find them moving enough to pay for.

Now painful sadness that could have been sweetened with memory will always be bitter. I guess it’s our fault for checking Craigslist, for caring about Smokey and Titan, wanting to spare them some real personal trauma, and for believing a few things in life are more important than money.