Splice the main brace!

4:52pm Tue Sep 17, 2013

Back to sea for Yours Truly, just confirmed four months aboard the Carnival Legend starting October 10th. That’s actually not totally brutal, they’ve been signing lots of piano bar entertainers to SIX months. Four is do-able. I think I started losing my mind around 14 weeks looking at 6 more in 2010  on the Paradise.

The very first week will be a re-positioning from NYC to Tampa, sure to be a party! Wish I could hang out in Manhattan longer, I really enjoyed having it as a home port way back when I was playing drums in the showband on the Oceanbreeze, originally the mighty Southern Cross, rest her soul. But Tampa it is.

It’s incredible how much history even a fairly new vessel can have. The Legend was christened by Dame Judy Dench in 2002. Like Dame Judy, the ship has seen some turbulence but manages to keep her dignity. They haven’t yet put in Guy Fieri’s branded burger joint on the Legend yet.

Dame Judy Dench christening the Carnival Legend

They’ve had some trouble with the Azipods, too.