Dear Silicon Valley, Make your own damn content

4:21pm Tue Aug 20, 2013

I guess that Vine thing just hit its tipping point because overnight I’m suddenly seeing Twitter links for it and I’d never heard of it. I did see the exciting video press conference when Instagram announced video. Or maybe it was somebody buying Instagram and then releasing video on it. Facebook? God, I can’t even keep track anymore. It seems like the only reason anyone even develops apps and app-like sites is to eventually sell them to an even larger aggregator – I don’t remember the last time I saw an app that actually provided its own content.

I’ve been very gradually taking back my musical content from the aggregators. It’s like a maze, I’ll take titles off the once-heroic CD Baby to sell on Amazon myself, only to realize they don’t do anything for me but take a cut of my work as well. Artists are starting to hate Google and YouTube even more than Spotify now, and I get it.

So, seeya Blogger!

I can’t believe I didn’t install WordPress on my server years ago.