brisket at first civilized table meal at the new house

10:19pm Sat Mar 17, 2012

Brisket spread Sliced brisket

The new Char-Griller is seasoned to perfection. We massage a Costco brisket (just a regular one, pricey enough without getting one with the point on, but has a nice fat cap) with a simple rub of salt, pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and brown sugar. It rests in the fridge overnight.

Fire up the side smoker box around noon, packed with hardwood lump charcoal. Go to the store for cheese and drinks. Open bbq, place foil pan in bottom with about a half inch of water in it. Replace grates and slap on brisket.

Turn brisket occassionally, adding charcoal to keep temp at around 225. When it starts looking gorgeous and water in pan gets some color in it, take meat off, remove grates, place brisket in pan and wrap tightly with foil. This is called the “Texas Crutch”.

Add a final pile of charcoal and close vents halfway or whatever it takes to get temp to hold at around 200. Go out for drinks and appetizers. When you return, open that fucker up, strain fat from pan juice if neccessary, and slice.

Serve with juice, good bread and beer or wine.