That bitter taste, AZ Dept. of Health Services? Justice. No wonder you didn’t recognize it.

3:52pm Thu Jan 19, 2012

One of the stumbling blocks was the pending Compassion First vs. Arizona case, which challenged some of ADHS’ rules for prospective dispensary owners. Now that the judge has ruled *, ADHS is working to determine the next steps to begin accepting dispensary applications.”

I hope you choke on your “stumbling blocks”, you pigs.

* “The sole issue before the Court is whether the State has discretion to put implementation of the AMMA on hold while it pursues the District Court action. Defendants cite no authority for this proposition, and the Court has found none. As discussed above, the voters intended the AMMA be implemented within 120 days. This has not been done.”

“The Court finds that [AZ Dept. of Health Services] exceeded its statutory authority in promulgating these challenged regulations, and therefore they are invalid.”

“IT IS ORDERED denying Defendants’ Motion to Decline Non-Statutory Special Action Jurisdiction, Motion to Dismiss or in the Alternative, Motion to Stay.”

“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED directing Defendants to implement the lawful provisions of the AMMA and, if necessary, to promulgate regulations that conform thereto.”