Inside Kyle's Brain – Ruby Doos (2008)

10:08pm Fri Aug 12, 2011

The cutting-edge styles of a dog who loves hair


Sure, she’s man’s best friend, a good girl, an enthusiastic sock-carrier, and so much more, but this canine has another gift that puts her squarely in the realm of artistry. Ruby is an inspired hairstylist with an eye for the look of tomorrow, such as would put Jonathan Antin to shame.

She needs no diffusers, no product, not so much as a comb. Her only tool is her deft tongue of neverending drool. Enjoy some of her creations in the following pictorial, and try to imagine how such a mind works. She works only when inspiration strikes, usually on lazy weekends on the couch in front of the television. She asks for no understanding of her craft and only a pat on the head for thanks.

In short, she IS hair. That’s what she does.

The Augustus


The Caesar


The Nero