Inside Kyle’s Brain – First of a series

2:26am Mon Jul 18, 2011

If you never got that deep into, I have pages and pages of a section I call “Inside Kyle’s Brain”. Well, I’ve been streamlining the site for a couple weeks now and I’m almost ready to go live with all the changes, which include getting rid of all those pages! Really, they should have always been blog entries in the first place. SO, I will archive them here to take up space on someone else’s server 🙂  [UPDATE 9-8-2013: This is how we learn]

This one is just classic. A fine place to start. For the record, you can’t prove I was on drugs at the time. Unless you think hubris is a drug.

“Inside the writing of Kitchen Swing [2002]”

Hear Kyle rapidly losing his mind as the tape rolls… It’s not pretty, but it’s occasionally funny. On some tracks, Kyle comments an hour-and-a-half later in your right speaker. CAUTION: STRONG LANGUAGE! (Writing music is hard)