Mark Bussler, Janson Media, and ASCAP: Off Notice

12:31am Fri May 21, 2010

Ok, I give up. I lose. I’m beat. Here’s the conclusion of The Ascap Saga ( ) and it turns out ASCAP isn’t the worst offender:

Janson Media did, in fact, purchase the entire Inecom film library, and after what seemed like a friendly and cooperative couple emails from president Steve Janson, I thought I might actually get things straight with ASCAP and maybe even see a few of the dollars I earned.

Steve mentioned that Inecom might not have been too savvy about common practices like submitting cue sheets. Well, THAT much I figured out about four years ago. Three weeks after that conversation, he demonstrated his own savvy by telling me it was not in Janson Media’s interest to fill out the single form.

Now, ASCAP can’t do anything without this form, directly from the production company. It’s “policy”. I learned this when I attempted to clean up “Horses of Gettysburg” director Mark Bussler’s mess by submitting the form myself and received a scolding from ASCAP Senior Account Manager Lynne Enman.

In Lynne’s defense, I’m sure I filled out the thing incorrectly, too – I don’t have a copy of the film with time code. I’m pretty sure those copies now only exist in Janson Media’s basement and possibly Bussler’s garage.

It’s too late for any justice now, anyway. The initial nationwide airing of the film is well out of the time frame for me to recoup any retroactive royalties I may have been entitled to. So, once again, the talent gets fucked and the suits profit.

I suspect the two men will find this post, and I’d like them to know that I wouldn’t want them to lose any sleep or go out of business on my account. Steve made it clear how complicated and resource-consuming it is to get a secretary or (more likely) unpaid intern to fill out a one-page form. Someday, you two may find yourselves at the mercy of someone else to make a small effort with relatively much larger consequences for you. When they fail you because it is “not in their interest”, you have my sincere wish that, as you curse them and wonder how people can be so callous and selfish, that you will remember my name.

I certainly won’t ever forget yours.