Dear FCC Commissioners

1:27pm Sat Apr 17, 2010

Clearly there is something seriously wrong with a system that can be completely transformed by privately paid lawyers and lobbyists. The FCC rolled over for the music industry’s stranglehold on radio time and again under the Bush administration, and now you are continuing to parcel out the property of the American public and excusing it with rhetoric.

The internet has all but replaced terrestrial radio and newspapers, the two most powerful forms of mass-communication. It’s an insult that the reclassification of broadband is even an issue.

Fox News is a transparent platform for conservative propaganda, feeding millions of viewers dangerous inaccuracies and misinformation – If it’s really necessary to define obvious definitions, perhaps you should take a hard look at how you regulate which programming constitutes “news”.

It’s not a unilateral issue. Clinton’s 1996 Telecommunications act opened the floodgates for the rampant deregulation and corporate consolidation of media we see today. This has resulted in not only a shocking reversal of the public ownership of the airwaves, but nothing less than the vandalism of American culture.

The corporate monoliths, in their abuse of another ridiculous legal definition – “person” – will not stop in their efforts to buy, steal, and cheat the public. They would have the FCC itself made obsolete. So, if you won’t protect the American people by doing your job, I suggest you at least consider how you will keep it.