Why Would You Do That

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Do you really wanna make music in a trailer?
Why would you do that?
Isn’t that strange?
You know you’ve got a house and a piano just upstairs
It’s kinda hard to concentrate up there

Do you really wanna put a bullet in a boxcar?
Why would you do that?
Breaking the law
If someone called the cops you’d go to jail for a stay
I’d feel like I did something today

Wooden walls would help me be inspired
And prison bars would help me pay some dues
I’m not good enough to be the pale rider
and of course I’m too alive to wear his boots

Do you really wanna be sitting here just dying?
Why would you do that?
Life is too short
Just get a stupid job or volunteer your wasted days
I’m hoping this is just another phase

Do you really wanna just crawl inside a bottle?
Why would you do that?
Running away
“Alcohol and drugs are just a crutch”, would say your mom
Anything to keep me walking on