The End of an Age

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The princess and the giant, at the end of an age
The giant was gentle while the princess would rage
The fairytale ended when they both went away
There were tears in my eyes at the end of an age

The pale one, Her Majesty, was all fuss and fight
The moment that I saw her, it was love at first sight
Her wild grace allowed me but to just set her stage
I served her with honor to the end of an age

Never would she bow, if you ever thought she’d break
The fire in her eyes would correct your mistake

The giant had been beaten but the giant was wise
You could see it in the caution behind the kindness in his eyes
To the princess’s demands, he’d seen far harder days
And he took his place beside her to the end of an age

She sneered and she scorned him, she kicked him around
The giant kept his distance but the giant stood his ground

The princess turned her nose up when she went out for a ride
She’d pretend she didn’t notice the giant never left her side
Leading through the dust beyond the old iron gate
Their footprints left a path to the end of an age

Her mighty kingdom fell and her devoted subjects too
When she left them for another to conquer anew
The years that she reigned feel just like the morning of a day
But the sun still sets at the end of an age

A fool might believe she’d be a kingless queen
And a fool would be sorry if he got in between
The two will never marry but they’ll never disengage
The princess and the giant to the end of an age