Tripping on Sorrow

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when the beer runs out
i still have gin
but that’s not even enough to begin
cause just a little taste of her
and a shot of fate
gets me too drunk to see straight

tripping on sorrow
slipping on my tears
stumbling on grief
falling in my fears

limping on my love
sinking in my pain
staggering with worry
dragging on my chain

collapsing under heartache
wallowing in sin
i’m losing my mind to this affliction

when I just think about her
i swear I smell her skin
but now it smells like sorrow, when it smelled like joy back then
and all those red wine kisses
that she used to pour
have got me laid out on the floor

every black compact car
and every autumn leaf
that falls by my door
everytime i pray
she’s come to take the pain away
and everytime i cry my way to the bar