I Wanna See You All the Time

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I want to see you all the time
every night and every day
I know I’ll hurt you sometime
along the way
and you hurt me in kind
every time I sigh
when you’re away
I hope you’ll take a shine and you’ll be all mine someday

I want to kiss you all the time
only coming up for air
your lips are so very fine
and my hands are in your hair
the blood rolls down my spine
when we intertwine
close as we can bear
Won’t you cross that line, take away my every care

I want to see you in the morning when your eyes are half-asleep
I want to see you in the evening and watch you dreamin’ deep

I want to live to be one-hundred and fifty years old
so I can gaze into your eyes and say “Now, see I told you,
you’re still beautiful, and I should know
because I’ve seen you all this time”

and I’ll be with you all time
if you only will have me
then I think I’ll be fine
if you’re not around occasionally
when our hearts collide
I’ll have you deep inside
and that’s just where I want you to be
it’s like you’re by design, by a hand divine, just for me