Greatest Song Never Heard

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Somewhere in this world
is a magic kind of music
like it was written just for you
maybe it’s in asia
or just down the street from you

but you walk small upon the planet
and you could listen to your shortwave
and you could buy a million records
and never hear that music play

somewhere in this world
is a perfect little spot
where you’d be happy all your days
but when your days are numbered
each city is like a maze

and you could walk a thousand miles
just looking for a trace
and you could live to be a hundred
and never find that place

somewhere in this world
is a golden-hearted person
who is staring at the phone
if you had their number
you’d both never be alone

a hundred billion souls have walked the earth
like so many grains of sand
but there’s only one made just for you
and baby here i am