The Tradition

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it’s an honor to work with you, Professor Stoll
twenty years ago you found the pure mother liquor
while the hood fan hummed and the gas flame flickered

i’ll look into the promise that her children show
the tradition flows from the rivers and flood plains
and the Goddess of the risen grain

lighten your load
we’re all on the road
to Eleusis
emptying our hearts
for the scales of Anubis

As the Grail, the sacred moon, is filled with blood
from the Ganges flood, Demeter’s nurse will appear
to prepare the cup and dry her tears

all the fractions and formulas we use today
born of reeds and clay from the banks of Euphrates
As Persephone springs forth from Hades

time will erode
the stones on the road
to Eleusis
there is still a path
following our true bliss

Rothlin’s animals show nothing new, says his report
24 we’ve tried, what will 26 derive?
Check off LSD-25